This could be the new word in the dictionary when we look up for the meaning of taxi. Companies and drivers are struggling to survive the pandemic after a second lockdown determined by the government to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

With restaurants, pubs, night clubs and other shops closed, with so many restrictions of movement in place, it is hard to find costumers for this kind of public transport.

Kasim is the manager of the Luton based taxi company Go Cars and remember how hard are the present times: ‘Drivers are not earning as much money as they were, people are not traveling to and from work, restaurants are closed, pubs the same, but it is all part of our current situation.’

Times are hard, but Kasim still have hope that things will get better: ‘We survived so far, so I can not see why we would not survive now because Christmas is around the corner and people will need to go out to to some shopping so our spirits are high.’

Abbasim, , 42, is a Luton private taxi driver and believe the present time is a matter of survival: ‘Not making a living at the moment is a matter of survival because all these cars have running costs every day like insurance, tax road, council fees and we are here sitting, waiting sometimes for two hours for a £2 or £3 job.’

Abbasim could just change profession for something more profitable, but in his case is pointless, once ‘I would still have this car and would still have to pay the running costs, so I would be having another job to pay this one.’

Facing reality, Abbasim believe that ‘it is getting harder and all I have left is to keep my head above water because this is my main bread and butter once I have been doing this for 20 years.’

According to government figures, there is more than 350 thousand taxi or private hire vehicle driver licences in England.

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