Luton’s Covid-19 infection rate is now among the highest in England as confirmed cases continue to rise week-on-week.

Over the seven days up to 3 December, the latest figures from Public Health England show that Luton had 278.3 confirmed cases per 100,000, which is up from 257.7 the previous week.

Most parts of England are seeing their infection rates fall after the recent lockdown, but with cases still increasing in Luton, the area now has the 16th highest infection rate out of the 315 council districts in England.

Lucy Hubber, interim director of public health in Luton, said that she is “disappointed” by the increase.

“I’ve always been incredibly proud of Luton and always been really positive,” she said.

“But over the last couple of weeks we’ve begun to see really clear evidence of people who aren’t following the simple rules.

In a video that she posted online, Ms Hubber said that some people have not kept to the rules on self-isolating and getting tested after developing mild symptoms.

“Some people, when they’ve got symptoms, are still going to work or still sending their children to school. Some people are even having tests and then still going to work while they’re waiting for their results. This puts everybody at risk.”

She urged residents to stay at home and get a test if they experience any symptoms of Covid-19, and emphasised the importance of following the rules.

“If the test is negative, you can stop isolating. But if your test is positive, by staying at home you will have saved lives, you will have protected other people.”

Luton is currently under tier two restrictions in England’s three-tier system, which means people cannot socialise with other households indoors, and the ‘rule of six’ applies outdoors.

The government will review the allocation of tiers on 16 December.

The full video that Lucy Hubber posted on Twitter is available below.

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