The PlayStation 5 has launched however it has been marred by frustrated fans, stock shortages and store outages, as much as new gaming experiences.

The console rapidly sold out when pre-orders opened in September and has continued to be in short supply ever since. As the release date arrived, many had hoped that new consoles would go on sale online and they were only being sold online, because of coronavirus lockdowns but stock was very short indeed.

The PS5’s slogan is “Play Has No Limits”, and the many fans who received their new PlayStations on release day no doubt enjoyed finding out the ways that were true. But the vast majority of fans, who were stuck without a console or any easy way to buy one, found themselves very limited.

There is not any clear indication that any of the issues will be solved in the near future, either. Sony has said that more consoles will be coming “through the end of the year”, but Microsoft said earlier this week that it did not expect Xbox supply to match demand until possibly April, and there is no reason to think the PlayStation will be any different.

The console is still the biggest technology release of the year while it’s not clear how many of the PlayStation 5 were sold, or how many wanted one, the numbers are evidently vast. And the issues are likely to be forgotten in the future, when the supply shortages are fixed and players are finally able to get their hands on the widely praised console, but the issues meant that a morning that could have been the conclusion of years of preparation by Sony and months of excitement among fans actually turned out to be just the beginning of a desperate search to actually get hold of a new PlayStation 5.

I caught up with students and people within the retail sector on how there experience has been with the launch of the new PlayStation which can be heard below.

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