“A beautiful sign of generosity.”

This is how Fiona Lynch Griffith, one of the Luton Urban Radio directors and presenters ranks the response to the Christmas campaign launched by that broadcaster to help those most affected by the crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through the broadcasting station but also on the social networks of the radio, an appeal was launched for the delivery of non-perishable food, gifts and toys in order to make the Christmas of these disadvantaged people a little more special.

The response from the community was enormous and even led Luton Urban Radio officials to make a decision not to accept further donations as of December 21, Fiona Lynch Griffith says:

“We are receiving more and more donations with each passing day, from chocolates, pasta, new sneakers that have not even been used yet, at the moment we are overwhealmed. We are identifying to which charity we will deliver the donations. Our studios are absolutely full of donations and we decided that we will stop receiving donations from December 21st. To be honest it is a beautiful sign from our community. “

“This year has been very difficult in all aspects, but when we see an entire community reacting in this way to an initiative like this, with small or large donations, it is as if our faith in humanity was restored and we are definitely going to overcome this.”

“Christmas is a time when, if we are fortunate to eat some more, we eat, if we are fortunate to drink some more, we drink, but there are people in our community who literally have nothing at this time.”

To culminate this festive date, and, in a way, to celebrate the success of this Christmas Appeal, Luton Urban Radio will promote, on the 27th of December, through its digital platforms, an event called Christmas Jamboree. There will be 12 hours of live music, between noon and midnight, and will be attended by local and international artists.

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