On Saturday 12 December, University of Bedfordshire lecturer, Terry Lee and his seven-year-old daughter Primrose Lee struck gold and were crowned winners for their podcast series in the ‘Podcast of the Year’ category, writes Victoria Vanderpuije.

Terry Lee, the editor of the podcast ‘Primrose and Terry: In the shed’ launched the series back in April of this year, during the first lockdown as part of home learning for his daughter Primrose. As this was the case, Terry Lee explained that working with his daughter on the podcast proved challenging at times but ultimately the experience brought the two closer together.

Terry and Primrose Lee

The series which looks at Primrose’s take on different books, comics and life as a seven-year-old really took off allowing them to be this year’s victors in the Podcast of the year. 

While there is uncertainty with the future of the country, both Terry and Primrose are optimistic for the future of their podcast and hope to continue sharing more content now that people are enjoying.

The celebrants shared a video on Twitter thanking the people at the Community of Radio Awards for the shocking and unexpected win.

Below is an interview with one of the duo, Terry Lee.

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