One of the most problematic neighborhoods in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, is about to receive an outdoor gym dedicated to the practice of calisthenics, a set of physical exercises where only the weight of the body is used seeks to move muscle groups naturally, without using dumbbells and the like. Calisthenics develops skills such as strength over one’s own body, balance, spatial awareness and flexibility.

Kamlesh Parmar, an enthusiast of this type of exercise, was the main driver of this project, managing to add around £22k to make everything come true.

“For many years I tried to raise funds to carry out this project. Sports England was one of the main donors, since they put £16k here and whom I have to thank.”

The Hemmingwell neighborhood has, for years, been linked to crime, including drug trafficking and knife crime, largely because of rivalry with other areas of the town. A fact that means that many kids in these areas do not go to rival neighborhoods for fear of reprisals.

Kamlesh Parmar, who wants to change this scenario, says:

“It is sad to see that many kids would like to go to sports facilities that exist in other areas of the city but because they are located in rival neighborhoods, they no longer do it. I remember when I was a kid I could walk from one side of the city to the other without any kind of problems but nowadays this is no longer possible for many people and it is sad. “

“I believe that this equipment will make people come together and be able to live peacefully with each other.”

Work on site is expected to end later this week. If the weather helps, the new park can be visited this weekend.

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