Open, close and reopen.  This has been the routine for many businesses across the UK, due to the lockdowns imposed to contain the Covid-19 spread.

It is known that many businesses close in order not to open again, but there are still those who insist on making their dreams come true and open the doors once more.  This is the case with Jonathan Hickins, owner of the Ugly Mug Coffee Shop in Wellingborough.

Jonathan Hickins is the owner of Ugly Mug Coffee Shop in Wellingborough

“I’m not afraid of another lockdown. It would be very inconvenient but I’m not afraid of it because it is what it is.”

“I’m not in control of that, I’m in control in providing a good service for my costumers. If people are more socially distanced or more socially aware and don’t abuse it, we don’t have to go to another lockdown.”

Some business owners don’t give up in face of successive lockdowns and still reopen their doors

Less optimistic is Hussein Onze.  This 47-year-old Turk started making plans to open the Café 44 restaurant in November last year.  In January, the government decided to impose yet another lockdown but Hussein did not give up and decided to wait to finally open the shop on the 12th of April.  Still, the fear of a new lockdown exists.

“I am definitely worry about getting in to a lockdown again because I just opened my business.”

Hussein Onze at the entrance of his Café 44, in Wellingborough

“I know that the government is there to help us if necessary and I say thank you for that but for many businesses another lockdown may be really hard to take.”

Stories of resilience, hope and confidence in a brighter future for those who do not let themselves be overwhelmed by a virus that entered everyone’s lives more than a year ago.  All these businessmen are in agreement on one point: if we all do our part, which basically involves following the rules, lockdowns will be a thing of the past.


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