Things are uncertain at the moment and something that you can’t guarantee is being able to get your usual weekly shop from the supermarket, writes Katy Lelliott.

Shops in Luton have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, you could have to queue just to get into your local ASDA or Tesco – and when you get inside, most of the shelves will probably be empty.

Stockpiling has been rife since the U.K. went into lockdown in March, and large supermarkets have been hit the hardest by people buying up their stock.

These are all reasons why you should avoid your large supermarkets – which are also a hotbed for potential Coronavirus transmission – and head to your local small shops instead.

At this time, small shops desperately need your loyalty and custom to keep themselves afloat financially.

One of these businesses is LLFI Grocers, who are based in Luton.

Daniela Prendergast from LLFI Grocers spoke about how the shop prides itself on supporting the surrounding community and providing a quality service to locals – especially right now.

She said: “Shopping local is about the community.

“We are local ourselves and want to bring the necessities to those around us.

“It’s about having what you need on your doorstep which in most cases is more ethical, better quality, helps other local businesses and supports and builds a community.

“Your support is supporting local farmers, butchers, advertising firms, drivers, etc.

“You’re not supporting a corporation; you’re supporting a community.”

Daniela also talked about the importance of local businesses in providing opportunities for work, alongside supplying essentials during challenging times like these.

She explained: “By shopping local, you are supporting local people, improving your local environment, creating more jobs for local people and contributing to your community.

“Prior to this pandemic, we were slowly building regular customers, but we were unknown and finding it difficult to cover the astronomical costs.”

While the current conditions provide a perfect opportunity for customers to test out their local shops, Daniela acknowledges that there is a risk that shoppers will turn back to supermarket chains once the crisis is over – but hopes that customers will remain supporting their local businesses.

She said: “After this pandemic is over, there is a risk that people will go back to ‘normality’.

“Our view on this is: think not only about the one shop as an entity, think of all the separate small local businesses that contribute to that one shop and the convenience it offers local people and other local businesses; it’s a domino effect.

“This isn’t about a corporation, it’s a community and hopefully people will continue to support it.”

You can find LLFI Grocers, and find out more about the products they offer, on Facebook at:

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