FIFA is a virtual football video game made for gaming platforms like; PC, Playstation and X Box, the FIFA game is very popular because its so old and known for it’s gaming availability on several platforms with the condition of playing using all the game features as there’s always has been an update on every version of the FIFA game in the majority of the versions from FIFA 2011 to FIFA 2023.

Picture displaying an image evolution of the first advanced FIFA version from 2004 to 2013

The first FIFA version ever created, it was known as ‘FIFA International Soccer’ which was also released in 1993. The developers / creators of the game decided not to use the real names for any footballers instead using pseudonym names for unknown reasons as well as the club’s availability, there were only national teams available that you could play with which is hilarious. Because for any FIFA game, the developers always prioritized the local clubs for every league around the world. Referring back to the FIFA 1993 player names, based on the findings, it is reported that the developers had to add some of their personal names to the game players due to the license restricted terms which did not allow them to input the real names of the players.

A picture displaying a video game-screenshot of FIFA 1993

The FIFA game was invented by creators to bring the football game real to life in order to give the people an enjoyable, fun experience to gamers around the world. FIFA is a game without a specific target experience meaning anyone can play it, whether they’re interested in football or not, simply because the latest FIFA version, for instance, contains the women football teams feature, which I think is good enough to eliminate the feminism idea about men and instead promoting equality in the world, this really does a favor for everyone with misconceptions about things. This is, simply, to why football is more than just a game, it’s life.

Latest photo cover for the latest FIFA 23 version, featuring the footballer Neymar Junior

For the past two years, the consumers of the game began and are still complaining to the FIFA’s development team due to many reasons, from lots of national and local teams missing in the game, it’s easier to defend and the football attacking tactics weren’t as advanced, and so if there are two people playing and one of them is good at attacking more than defending, this makes the game unfair and so the game will favor one side because the other user is unable to defend. Another key fact, is that the defending tactics and options were not really as supported and developed, FIFA focused more on the attacking. So far, the worst FIFA version was ‘FIFA 20’, it was literally one of the most horrible versions that came out, this opinion was very popular based on the majority percentage of the FIFA consumer community, there was also a time when this went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Especially, coming across from gamers on YouTube creating videos on their channels including famous YouTubers.

This is a thumbnail displaying the ‘The Journey’ feature on FIFA 17 and how it looked

The reason why FIFA is liked by everyone in the world, and is the most rated game is because this is more than just a game, this is the only game you will see displaying tribute to any good or bad cause in the world and especially when it’s related to a footballer. It brings everyone together, it doesn’t see its customers or users only as consumers but more than that simply because it’s more than a game.

FIFA 1993 VS FIFA 23 Comparison Short / Abd El Rahman Akram

By Rahman