A115 Multimedia Newsroom

Welcome to our new media students

A deluge of keen young students are expected to descend on Park Square Campus from this week, the 19th-22nd September for induction where they will begin their exciting journey in Higher Education.

To start them off, students in the School of Arts and Creative Industries have been set a major challenge: A Treasure Hunt to find the ‘best bits of Beds’

How will they do it?

Students have been asked to locate a number of posters dotted around the university campus at Park Square and the Art & Design building. The posters will display clue numbers and QR codes which will contain a link to a piece of media, such as a video or audio on various social media platforms such as Instagram. These will contain clues to the next point of interest. There are 13 in total. #uobtreasurehunters need to prove where they’ve been ideally, by taking a selfie or putting a comment on social media.

How are they doing so far?

Well, congratulations team! If you can read this, you have found the Newsroom which contains your fifth clue!

Mary Ferguson, Tutor in Broadcast and Digital Media explains a little bit more about what you can expect:

Now go and find the “Alexon”

Don’t give up, there are goodies at the end of this!

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